posters, stickers,tags,art, graffiti and the photos i take of them.

“Anarchy didn’t feed you, Mom fed you. Anarchy was at the pub doing Miss Nesbitt.”

Mind you, too much collaboration and then you’ve got Canada’s very own Private Men’s Polo Club.   Pride does not even begin to describe the word I am not thinking. Enter Spartacus!

Spartacus Books 684 East Hastings Street Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, BC is a non-profit volunteer run resource centre/bookstore running since 1973. Their last perhaps more central but less accessible digs burned in 2004 due to an alley dumpster fire, where that huge  gap between Dressew and the Glass/Mind blowing Clinic  is.  Now reopened since  2008 in the Heatley Block on East Hastings, across from the seriously over-priced Union Gospel mission thrift store.

Spartacus champions  topics such as Anarchy, Race and Society, Community Organizing, Gender, Queer studies, Feminism, Radical Theory, First Nations, Prisons, Poetry and fiction, DIY, Ecology, Literary Criticism, Art and History. Hence they’ve been under surveillance by the Vancouver Integrated Security Unit. I asked politely if I could take pictures, and they laughed and said I could bring my scanner next time. A real secretive bunch.

Louise Olivereau anti-war activist  (1884-1963)

A great selection of  rare Zines as well. visit the Spartacus bookstore online. 684 East Hastings St. Vancouver

Spartacus was an escaped Gladiator slave who most famously led other slaves to battle in the Third Servile War (73-71 BC)- the last in a series of rebel slave uprisings against the Roman Republic. With mixed results.”La lutte continue.”

many thanks to the helpful volunteer staff!


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